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It wasn’t up until recently that I discovered many great resources available on YouTube for K-12 education. YouTube was blocked in my district, then it was unblocked, and now it’s blocked again. It’s not my intent in this post to determine whether or not YouTube should be blocked. If you’d like to comment to that via this post you’re more than welcome to. I wanted to share a couple of the really good ones and some YouTube tools. I hope you find them beneficial.

If you have any others to share please feel free.

A great new resource (well it’s new to me)

The Khan Academy
I came across this resource literally hours before I wrote this post. If this resource isn’t a great example of YouTube’s impact on K-12 education I don’t know what is. It’s over 1000 video tutorials created by Salman Khan on everything from basic math to biology to personal finance. Be sure and check it out. He also has a YouTube channel to subscribe to as well.

Here’s Sal’s video on the parts of a cell –

If you’re looking for a great literacy resource for the primary grades be sure to check out the Hooked on Phonics channel.

Some cool YouTube Tools

Dirpy – YouTube to mp3 converter

TubeChop – Chop any section from a YouTube video and share it

SafeShare.TV – Crop videos and also remove offensive or distracting content from around them before sharing

SyncTube – watch videos with friends in real-time..paste in the link and create a room

KeepVid – easy tool for downloading YouTube videos….great if YouTube is blocked in your district

3 thoughts on “YouTube Resources and Tools”

  1. I’m all for unblocking YouTube and many, if not all, web 2.0 tools. I believe we should help our students practice and learn how to use the web for their fututre workplaces. Monitor your students and guide them if they make mistakes. We really should only block or filter porn because everything else can provide a good learning experience.

    Thanks for the great YouTube resources. KeepVid sounds cool! And I’ll definitely check out the Khan academy.


  2. I thinking is just lazy education. In high school, there should be limited blocking and more education in the middle and elementary school to teach kids proper use. Kids know how to get around the blocks anyway. Blocking just eats server space. As a teacher, we can access Youtube and some sites the student’s cannot, but they really should have open access in HS. Just my 2 cents.


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