What Community Is

Is it better to bring people together around things or ideas? There are lots of communities in education: we have communities in our schools, we have learning communities with colleagues, social media communities, professional organizations that create a community around its members, and companies that create a community around what the company is all about for teaching and learning. Needless to say, we have options.

The professional communities that center around education in some way usually bring people together around a device or a platform. Not always, but often. It might be their product(s), software, or other resources that at first bring us in. But what these groups do to keep people active in these spaces matters more than the original hook to “get them in the door”. What are you offering? Is it always the same stuff delivered by the same people? Is it a lot of “old wine in a new bottle”? At the end of the day is it more about the business or more about creating diverse experiences and viewpoints?

A community is nothing without its people, obviously, but community leaders must be willing to put in the work to keep them there. To listen to them, to improve because of them, to be in a mindset of constant iteration, and serving the members. Do you tell your community how much you appreciate them? Do you show them? If I’m in your community, how do I know I’m more than just social media metrics or a bottom line?

A community is about connecting dots for others. We need to make sure we’re giving just as much if not more than what we’re getting.