Holy Productivity Tools Batman!

Evernote. Drop.io. Dropbox. Remember the Milk. Delicious. Diigo. Jog the Web. Heard of one or more of these? I’m guessing you have. Does anyone else have an almost obsession to use (or at least try) all these great web-apps? I do! Hello my name is Kyle and I have a web-app addiction!

However, it begs the question: Can one have too many tools in their “web” utility belt? I feel like there’s too many good ones but I want to try them all. Sure, I use some way more than others. There are some that don’t even make it past the initial sign-up process for me. There are 3 things I hope to identify as quickly as possible when I learn about a new tool:

1. A clearly defined purpose – What does it do?
2. Is it user-friendly?
3. Does it show educational use? (see my last post on the 3Cs)

Web-based tools that help me be more productive in my personal and professional life are really appealing. Should we as teachers and lifelong learners try to keep ourselves “in the know” as best we can about these tools? Do you rely on your PLN to try to keep up as best as you can? Do you share these tools with your students?

I welcome your comments as always. Thank you for reading.