A Constant State Of Professional Reform – Correcting Our Mistakes


“The teacher is the critical point.”

I believe reform was happening then because of teachers like Mr. Escalante.  Who was your Mr. Escalante? I’m connected to thousands of “Mr. Escalantes” that are doing amazing, POSITIVE things to bring reform into their schools with all their might.

Perhaps we need to be looking at ourselves more for real change in education. We need to continue to become better professionally to help our schools be better and ultimately our students.  Mr. Escalante says, “I have to correct my mistakes. Every year I try to correct my mistakes. And believe me, it’s difficult.”

It’s difficult indeed. You know that, I know that. Enough of the bashing on this person and that person; this type of school, that type of school.  I think Jamie Escalante’s mentality of “correcting my mistakes” can go a long way for some positive educational reform.


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