Little Things Matter

I get reminded that little things are important too in a couple of different ways. I have teachers share with me something new and exciting they tried with technology, and it’s usually to let me know that they were successful which is awesome. However, they usually end their sharing with something like, “I know this is nothing new for you” or “It was a little thing but I am so excited!”. Their statement of excitement is immediately downplayed because while they are happy, they don’t think it was significant enough or that it’s not as much as others are doing.

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Who cares?!? If it meant something to you then it was meaningful! Don’t discredit your excitement by worrying about what others will think or how they will view it. The small victories can be just as impactful as the big ones. Keep sharing all of it. Trust me, there are people who want to hear from you about it (me included).

One major point I always make sure to reiterate when speaking to any group of educators – I don’t care if you’re a superintendent, a tech coach, or a classroom teacher – your successes mean something no matter how big or small. It’s not about how much or how fast you move forward, the point is to move forward.

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