Let Them Have Furniture

My team is very excited to be getting a completely new office space. I’m really excited too! It’s being finished as we speak and we will be in it by Spring. It’s a first for us; everything from getting to give input on the design, to most recently getting to give input on the types of furniture we’d like to have and how we’d like our space to function. I gathered up my team’s ideas and shared them with the appropriate people and expressed their interest in being part of the process. This past Friday we all got to have a “field trip” to our new space to not only see the progress, but each of us was asked our input on what we’d like to have in our individual spaces. It got all of us even more excited than we already were.

A key trait of leadership is knowing the needs of your team. Sometimes the needs are big, something they’re small. Sometimes the needs are tangible, sometimes the need is to be heard. No matter the size or type of need, hearing what those needs are is important. It’s listening to understand and not always listening to respond. It’s making sure voices are heard and understood, and following through on it. These are things that can have a lasting, positive impact on relationships, morale, and general enjoyment of the work we do.

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