I dare you to not be excited!

Things I’m excited about and I hope you will share in at least some of my excitement with me:

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1. My PLN. How can you not be excited about what your PLN can/will do for you and what it continues to do 24/7? It’s like the Energizer Bunny of professional development! I was amazed at the number of responses I received as to why teachers should have a PLN the other day when I shared Twitter with them. This type of collaboration and communication is exciting! I truly feel we’re on the brink of something big with social networking and the real-time web in education. This is something to be excited about!

2. My new “old” friends. I feel like I’ve known so many of you for such a long time. Many of you I met for the first time last month at #ISTE10. We jumped right into conversation like it was old hat. I suppose in a virtual way it was. 🙂 Remember: It’s Just The Beginning. This is something to be excited about!

3. #EdChat. I am honored to be a moderator for the evening edition of this educational forum. Every Tuesday at noon and 7PM EST there is great conversation happening. Sure it’s fast paced, no doubt about it. Jump in when you can with maybe just a few. The conversations are happening well beyond the pre-determined hour(s) that #EdChat takes place. We have our Facebook page. You can also find the archive over at the #EdChat wiki. Then of course we have the EDU PLN Ning. The conversation does not even stop there. Blog posts a-plenty are published every week as post-#edchat reflections. This is something to be excited about!

4. More technology in students’ hands. I keep hearing so many great things about schools, districts, teachers, and administrators that are making this the priority it needs to be. We’ve got administrators like Eric Sheninger, George Couros, Deron Durflinger, Chris Lehmann, and John Carver. Teachers like Nick Provenzano, Simon Crook, Cory Plough, Yoon Soo Lim, and Shannon Miller. Technology leaders like Jason Bedell, Mary Beth Hertz, Howard Chan, Sue Waters, and Paul Wood. The lists could go on and on. Is technology an amazing tool for us to teach with? Absolutely! Let’s get more of it in students’ hands. At least somewhat regularly, if not daily. This is something to be excited about!

What are you excited about when you think of technology’s impact on teaching and learning? I welcome your comments. Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “I dare you to not be excited!”

  1. I agree, Kyle! I feel blessed to have so many wonderful things to be excited about in my life and career.

    I am also excited about starting a new year with a new outlook, a toolkit of resources and a network of inspiring educators to share ideas with.

    Thanks, by the way for the kind compliment and keep doing all the good work you do!

  2. These are all great things but how can you be excited when your district restricts more and more?

  3. I am excited to share these same things with the very people that think sites and resources should be restricted. If you can get an audience with the right people, those that need to see the GOOD things happening with sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. it will be a stepping stone in the right direction.

  4. I am so excited about this year…learning and sharing with my PLN! I literally learn something amazing every day! What a great thing to teach our students. Education touts life-long learning…let’s walk the walk!


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