Grace Giving

Back to school is in full swing. For my district, school started August 14th. Everyone has key tasks they need to be accomplished before kids pass through our doors on the first day and it continues through the first day to make sure things continue as smoothly as possible; whether that be tech-related or not. As a leader, I want to make sure every school has everything that they need from a technology standpoint. I want to give it to them in the best way possible and as soon as possible. We do our best every day and have (what we think) are the best-laid plans, but some things just don’t work out the way we had hoped. Kind of like that lesson plan we remember spending tons of time and energy on only to have the vision of how we imagined it going and how it actually went be two completely different things.

Summer is always an extra busy time in the technology department for a school district. This is our ideal timeframe to make widespread updates, get new devices ready for teachers and/or students, and any other projects that are just easier to get accomplished when teachers and students are on summer break. Really, it’s not just a tech department thing, it’s a system-wide practice for any department in any school district.

What I’ve found myself saying a lot during this hectic time of year is, “I’m sorry.”. We apologize for missed deadlines, dropping the ball on something that should have already been done, or for delays in replying to a particular email. We need to remember that we’re all heading towards the same goal and be more giving of something that all humans should give more of and can help this time of year feel a little less stressful…grace. It’s one of those things that we need to give each other more often because there are always going to be times when we need it given to us.

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