2 thoughts on “Google Drive Tip: Using ‘Locate in My Drive’ in Shared With Me”

  1. Love the video tutorial, Mr. Pace. I’ve often recommended that our teachers do the same to develop a good workflow, but I typically take it a step further by telling them they can keep their “Shared with Me” clean by removing the files once the “Locate in My Drive” magnifying glass appears. This has never been an issue in the past. However, recently I’ve begun to notice that removing the file from shared with me will temporarily orphan the file in My Drive. It just disappears. Fortunately, it usually reappears a short time later (within a few minutes) but on a few occasions I have to use search queries to find it again. Any ideas on why this might be happening?

    1. Hi Steven,

      This has actually been the default for quite some time. But yes, it’s an important part of the workflow that I always make sure to explain when going over how ‘Shared with Me’ works. Teachers always want to clean up this area in Google Drive but I jokingly tell them they have to just let this area look messy. I explain that when they move it from Shared with Me to somewhere in My Drive they aren’t making a copy they’re just creating a shortcut to the file that is more efficient for them. Thanks for your comment!

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