Free Webinar: Creating Even More with Google Drive

I was recently asked by my good friends as EasyBib if I would provide a free webinar about Google Drive and best practices around its use in the classroom. I have a presentation I have given many times in the past called, “Creating Even More with Google Drive”.  This is a version of that which covers some Google Drives basics, tips and tricks for teacher and student use, as well as apps to connect to your Google Drive for tasks such as graphing, photo editing, and video editing. I always enjoy getting to present face to face and virtually; and while I present Google Apps for Education topics frequently they aren’t always recorded and published for on-demand viewing at a later time. I want to thank Emily as EasyBib for taking the time to arrange this webinar and make it available for watching for those that couldn’t attend live.

I hope you find it beneficial of your time. Enjoy!

Full disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this webinar.

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