Don’t Forget the Little Things: Movement Matters

Forward movement matters. Remaining first and foremost a learner is a mindset that matters.

When striving to move administrators, teachers, students, support staff, etc. forward with technology, we need to keep in mind that movement matters.  Any movement. Even if you view what you’re learning/trying as minuscule or not as much as another colleague is doing, it still matters. You’re keeping a “learner first” mindset.  It’s a mindset that’s going to benefit you as an educator and it’s going to benefit the students we serve.

Whatever it is: Google Apps, social media, Chromebooks, tablets, etc. (the list can go on and on); you’re stepping out and trying something new. Don’t worry about how fast or slow you’re moving forward. The point is that you’re moving forward! You’re tackling the fear of trying something new head on. You’re modeling a learner mindset. We should be constantly be modeling this for our students, parents, the community, and those we lead.

I think sometimes we think that if our forward movement isn’t happening fast enough or in a big way in a short amount of time, we see it as not being a big deal.  As not mattering or having something worthy to contribute at a staff meeting, in a tweet, in a blog post, or at an edcamp. I’ve had teachers say things to me like: “Yeah but all I’m doing is (blank).” or “I don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute.”.

If you’re trying out something new you’ve learned, own it. Be proud of what you’re doing. Share it with your colleagues. Get comfortable with it, stick with it, and embrace the occasional “speedbumps”.  Just don’t forget to keep moving forward.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Little Things: Movement Matters”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Kyle. Any movement forward is progress and something to be proud of. One thing I encourage the teachers I train to do is reflect on where they were when they started and recognize how much they have grown in 2 years with me. My motto: Embrace being the turtle; he beats the hare every time.

  2. Yes! yes! Technology to many teachers is just something else on their plate that is overflowing at the moment. Slow movement – I have been trying to get teachers to use Edmodo with each other first. Instead of having another meeting starting discussions on Edmodo and then meetings can be more productive and shorter. Reducing stress and showing teachers how technology makes us more productive. Thanks, because I think we all feel overwhelmed by the amount of ideas on Twitter and can easily feel like we are being left behind if we don’t try everything to do.

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