Always “Loading”…a Learner First Mindset

I spent about 30 minutes making my first creation with Canva; if you haven’t given it a try it’s really easy to use and a lot of fun. Students can create all sorts of graphic images to use in various projects or as a stand alone item. Be sure to also check out their new Design School too.

I wrote up this thought about a week ago about the power that having a learner first mindset has not only for ourselves but also for our students and children. If we’re truly a “learner first”, how could we not be open to new ideas and pedagogies to change teaching, learning, and school in general for the better?

Learner First Mindset
Created with Canva



One thought on “Always “Loading”…a Learner First Mindset”

  1. Is it time to divorce a district when its leaders don’t feel the same? The struggle is real… how can I change or convince the ones who control and push policy and expectations – at the campus and district level – to become “lead learners” themselves? There’s quite a bit of “do as I say because I heard it’s good for students … but I don’t really want to model or practice that myself.” Thanks for listening.

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