5 Things We Have to Stop Pretending in Education

One of my excellent PLN friends from Iowa, Erin Olson, recently published a post called, “We Have to Stop Pretending”, where she shared her list of top 5 things we need to stop pretending about in education. Her post ended with a challenge to myself and some other outstanding folks to do the same. I offer my contribution:

1. That there’s only one path to mastery for our students.

2. That any one device/web tool/software/pedagogy is going to fundamentally change teaching & learning.

3. That it’s about finding the time –  it’s about making the time.

4. That technology has no place in K-2 classrooms.

5. That our parents don’t need support at home with tech best practices including digital citizenship.

I have enjoyed reading many similar posts in this series and look forward to reading more. Please write yours today and share it out!

2 thoughts on “5 Things We Have to Stop Pretending in Education”

    1. Scott thanks so much for reading my post! What I hear a lot in reference to #4 is that there is a huge underestimation of students’ ability to handle _______ (insert tech tool, device, etc.).

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