What’s your opportunity?

We’re at the start of another school year.  The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time. New faces, new initiatives, and just a lot of new in general. Schools and districts are going 1:1 (or BYOD), we’re creating makerspaces, and offering new courses on things like programming or robotics. It’s an exciting time in education; if we make it so.

It’s also a very difficult time to be in education right now. I don’t need to list the “whys” because there’s many and we all can generate our own lists that are unique to our systems and situations. We don’t need another list of negatives right now. What we need; what our students need, are opportunities. If you think just for a minute about the ways our kids can create, connect, and contribute with and to the world around them it’s really quite staggering. While this (and many other things) can be seen as big challenges, we need to be turning these challenges into opportunities.

Ask yourself:

What does this mean for my teaching practice?

What does this mean for the way my students can learn outside of class?

Where can I take my students in the world that I couldn’t before?

What new ways can my students demonstrate their learning?

What does this mean for me as a leader in my school or district?

As a leader how do I prepare teachers for this?

It all goes back to keeping ourselves in a “learner first” mindset. We owe it to ourselves and the students we serve. Challenges = new opportunities. Switch the vocabulary!

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